City Parkhaus Hüxstraße.
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  • EV Charging
    from rooftop solar energy.
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Electric Charging Stations

8 electric charging stations where you can charge your car at fair conditions with sustainable electricity from the parking garage's own photovoltaic system.

This positions City Parkhaus Hüxstraße as a true pioneer on the Lübeck Old Town Island.

Further information about the project implementation is available from Stadtwerke Lübeck, who are responsible for the installation, operation, and billing.

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Standard rate
8:00 – 18:00

€2 per hour

€1,50 with a customer card
from the 3rd hour

Night rate
18:00 – 08:00

€1 per hour


€12 per 24 hours

€10 with a customer card

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frequent parker rates

Video monitoring

The safety of our customers and their vehicles is important to us, which is why the car park is under 24/7 video surveillance. This deters potential criminals right from the outset. And in the event that trivial damage does occur while parked, the recordings help to completely clarify matters.

Opening times



City Parkhaus is located in the centre of Lübeck, right on the popular Hüxstraße with its many small, charming businesses, cafés and restaurants. The “Lübeck old town” UNESCO world heritage site begins just a few steps away and the main shopping street, “Breite Straße”, is also within walking distance. Whether for a quick errand, an extensive exploration or shopping tour, City Parkhaus is the perfect starting point for any visit to the city centre.

Parking spaces

With a parking space width of 2.50 m, City Parkhaus has parking spaces which are more generous than the average. The maximum clearance is 2 m.

Our car park offers a total of 311 parking spaces.

Women’s parking spaces

Our women’s parking spaces are clearly visible and close to the entrance so that you can enjoy a relaxed parking experience.


Our parking levels can be reached using the lift so that you can also use our car park very easily even with a pram or with limited mobility.


The power for the car park is provided from 100% renewable energy sources.

In addition, a photovoltaic system which covers a significant proportion of the power consumption, with a surface area of 450 m², was installed during the course of renovation measures.


During the course of the renovation work, the payment system was updated and now also allows for card payment and mobile payment in addition to cash payment.

Mobile payment

During the course of the renovation work, the payment system was updated and now also allows for card payment and mobile payment in addition to cash payment.

Car park guidance system

An end to the guessing game of where a free parking space is hiding. The renovation measures include a parking guidance system which uses visual indicators to show where a free parking space can be found.

We also offer you a live display of our free parking spaces on this website (see above).

Parking in the middle
of the city

City Parkhaus Hüxstraße
Hüxterdamm 3
23552 Lübeck

Mobile: 0176 72841953

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