In the long-term
More convenient & cost effective

Do you have something to do in the city regularly or live there? Then it’s worth taking a look at our long-term parker rates. They not only allow you to park under particularly cost-effective conditions, they also save you the annoying search for a parking space and you know your car or bike is always well looked after.

24/7 Premium
€110 per month

24/7 Premium

Parking around the clock

The comprehensive rate that gives you access to the car park day and night at just one monthly fixed price.

24/6 Store
€99 per month

24/6 Store

Parking from Monday to Saturday

The rate for everyone who works in the city during the week, including Saturday, and doesn’t want the tedious task of finding a parking space.

24/5 Office
€89 per month

24/5 Office

Parking from Monday to Friday

The perfect rate for everyone who has a weekday job near the city centre and is looking for a reliable parking option which is still affordable.

Night " Weekend
€65 per month

Night & Weekend

Parking at night and on the weekend

The rate for everyone who is out and about a lot. Parking: Mon-Thurs from 17:00 to 9:00 the following day and Friday from 15:00 to Monday 9:00.

€45 per month


Flat parking rate for bikes

Motorbikes and scooters park with us at a cost-effective flat rate which allows you to enter and leave at any time of day or night.

The following applies for all long-term parker rates

You can always gain access even outside your booked rate, but you will then only pay the reduced fee in accordance with the customer card rate.

At the beginning of the contract, you get a transponder card that allows you to enter and leave quickly and easily. Our new RFID tag for the windscreen makes things even easier: this is automatically detected at the barrier and you don’t even need to open your window to drive through. You can get the sticker for a one-off payment of €10.

Long contract? Not with us! You can simply cancel your rate at the end of the month or change to another rate (depending on availability) as required. The fees are always taken from your account retroactively for the past month.

Long-term parker rates

Simply enter your details here to submit an enquiry. We will handle your enquiry as quickly as possible and send you a draft contract by email, which we request that you sign and return to us.


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